Potential bug with the ? Send a new note ? command


My first post here. First, Mike, I have to tell you your utilities are very cool ! I use WW and StickIt frequently and now, I don’t need to put 350 little yellow papers in the trash can anymore :slight_smile: and I know Weather while working.

Now, on to the subject : I can send 2 notes to someone on the network, but the third one does not send. Even more, I have no indication at all that the note has not been sent.

I use Novell NetWare for Windows NT to connect to the network, but I don’t know precisely what type of network i’m on.

What u think 'bout it ?

Keep up the good work !

Toutes les g?n?ralisations sont fausses…

Hi Mike,

All the notes are sent to the same person. The first 2 notes are successfully sent, but not the third one.

Tried to send notes to myself and it seems that the first 3 notes are sent successfully, but not the 4th one.

What u think 'bout it ?

Toutes les g?n?ralisations sont fausses…

I’ll have to look into the problem when I have some spare time.