Posts are back

Well, I think all of the posts have returned :king:

Thanks!!! O:)

But some things need to be tweaked. :sad:

Under the “Ed’s” 5.6.x Skins (Interfaces/Forecasts) thread, … highlight=, in the Skins forum the index indicates there are pages 1, 2, 3. But clicking on the 3 produces a blank page. Clicking on either the other two numbers shows that there are only 2 pages in the thread.

Interesting!! The problem appears to have now corrected itself.

!!! :eek: :eek:

Speaking of that thread, the 1st posting looked fine initially, however after I made a minor edit to it all the BBCode tags in it ended up displaying as . They should be [xxx] on this forum.

In addition, after posting the change I get brought to the 2nd page of the thread rather than the 1st page were the edited posting resides.

And the Date Last Updated doesn’t reflect editing of the posting, only the creation date.

Some thing’s are not quite right yet.

There are still a few kinks in the system. I’m trying to work them out :read2:

:???: Some of the tags in the old postings are “”, some are “[b]”, some work, but most simply display. Is there any hope that they will get fixed?

They should be [b]. I replaced the tags in the database, but that didn’t seem to fix the problem. Editing the posts and resaving them with no changes does though.

I told you converting to a different board system was not going to be easy. Don’t take my word for it though :lol:

It didn’t seem to work for me so I manually edited all the tags myself. In some cases it was simply a matter of changing < to [, in other cases the tag changed completely, from "<font color=“blue>” to “”.

All the more reason to ask for help. :wink:

You could have chosen updating the sw that you had rather than switching.

True, but the update wasn’t much different. This forum seems to have many more features.