Please Wait - Skins....

  1. WW5.6.40/WW5.6.41
  2. Using Vista Basic each time I run WW the box pops up saying “Please Wait” and then the message about skins being sorted or something. On XP machines this only appears after installation of a new release. Started with 5.6.40 and 5.6.41 is the same.
  3. No error message - just the message above.
  4. Happens every time I call up WW. Delay is about 10-15 seconds (guess).
  5. No screen shots.

Try running Weather Watcher as an administrator to see if it makes any difference:

If that doesn’t help, then please post the contents of your “WeatherWatcher.log” file in your Weather Watcher settings location.

Ran WW one time as administrator and that seems to have solved the problem.

Thanks, Mike!