please help!!!


Im sorry writing here, I know it is not the right place but Im frustrated. I use since years Weatherscope as my favorite weather program… since some days it can not connect to Internet :???: dont know why. Unfortunetly thre is no support anymore, I have download it for 4-5 years.
So Maybe someone can help me trying it if it works , cause Im not sure if the problem is not on my PC, last time I changed some settings, but I think i brought everything back again, but still no connection. Maybe it is a server problem, but I dont know which server does it use…
So maybe someone will try it. Please sent my a email on cska1_at_web_dot_de and I will sent you the software to test it.

please help me to know where is the problem :sad:

Gee cska133, how sad for you. I suspect your antiSpyware or antiAdware software may have disabled it because Weatherscope is classified as adware.

Also see and

A simple Google search for will show you many ways to remove it completely from your pc. No need to keep nonworking adware around. :wink:

So it is good that the software is no longer working and displaying pop up ads on your pc, it has brought you to here. :thumbright: You should try using Weather Watcher. In addition to being a great piece of software, with tons of weather data displayed, and great support, it is free and it contains NO adware.

Update no longer exists. It appears that Claria has dropped it.

I know the problems with Adware, And I m able to handle it by removing some files with Weatherscope doesnt need and NEVER have had popups on my PC