Part of WW is cut off

I am using the latest version of WW (5.6.40) but I noticed the same problem in previous versions as well so it’s not related to the last update.
When I restart or boot up my computer WW doesn’t loads completely, it looks like its bottom and right sides are cut off, see the screenshot.

WW remains fully functional but I have to restart it in order to get the normal look back.
This thing happens in about 30% of the time and it’s very annoying :sad:
Is there any fix for this?

Does it happen with other skins also? I have not experienced this with the skins I use.

To be honest - I don’t know, I haven’t used any other skin for a long time.
But I remember the time it didn’t happen to my skin either, maybe several months ago, then after some update it all started, I don’t recall which exactly.

Try a different Interface skin for a while and see what happens. Since it doesn’t happen consistently you will have to try it for a week or more.

If the problem doesn’t occur you have narrowed it’s cause down a bit. If it does try a different forecast skin for a period.

Is your WW window centered on the screen or to a side or corner?

I have an idea. Next time it happens I’ll try to change my skin and/or skin interface to another one and see what happens. If the problem is with my skin (or interface) other skins should work fine.

It’s centered on the screen.