Other weather providers

Mike, do you have any future plans to offer forecasts from AccuWeather or other providers, or are you satisifed with The Weather Channel?

I generally compare at least the above 2, and recently, I’ve found AccuWeather to be a little bit better forecast.


Maaz, I do have another provider in the works right now. Stay tuned [8D]

Any news on the other provider you mentioned yet? For the record, I too have found that AccuWeather is habitually more accurate than The Weather Channel. Great product design btw =D>

felicia0923, the other provider is WeatherBug. You can access their data using Weather Watcher Live i[/i].

I’m sincerely appreciative of the work you are doing. I downloaded the program and it’s working great from the start.

Does Accuweather or WeatherBug (or NOAA) provide more data as well? I’d LOVE to get High Tide, Low Tide, Ozone, pollen indices, and visibility.

I’m actually looking around for a similar program to show daily astronomical info too.

llong, Weather Watcher only displays the current visibility. None of those other items are available.

Weather Watcher Live does not display the Pollen Count directly on the interface, but there is a link to it in the “HEALTH” menu at the bottom, right of the main window.

Thanks for your quick response.

Do you know of the other data sources have more data? Specifically, tides?

llong, I don’t think most of the large weather data providers offer tide information. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, but it would most likely be offered by a source that is specializing in that type of data.

NOAA might have what you’re looking for: