Options window too low

The Options Windows’s action buttons are behind the System Taskbar when the bottom of the WW window is touching the top of the Taskbar.

It seems as if the Options window is being centered on the WW window.

Either the Options window needs to be made smaller or it’s bottom position needs to be changed to match the bottom of the WW window.

This is not new. It was like this before 5.6.10.


And still like this with 5.6.13. :sad:

5.6.13 only fixed the windows that were outside of the desktop’s viewable area :neutral:

Well, aren’t the Options a window? And isn’t it partially outside of the desktop’s viewing area being behind the Taskbar? And didn’t you ask for things to fix in 13? :-s



No. The taskbar is inside of the viewable area… and the Options window is also inside of the viewable area. The fact that it’s behind the taskbar is not really relevant.

I am always looking for ways to improve Weather Watcher. I was simply explaining why Weather Watcher is allowing the Options window to appear in that position on your desktop :icon_smile:

P.S. - You cheat at Medal of Honor? :shock: :wink: