Options display skins?

Are there any skins, or means, to change the Options window’s display? Desert Sand is getting boring.

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[i]Originally posted by EdP[/i]
Are there any skins, or means, to change the Options window's display?
Weather Watcher should be using your Windows window look and feel.

Maybe but my Explorer look and the WW Menu look don’t the same. WW may be using a Windows’s color but it should be using more of them. My IE and WE windows show some tan at the top but then the windows are primarily white. The WW Options window is all a darker shade of the IE menu color.

I will send you an email with a graphic to show you what I mean.

But overall, my understanding from what you say is, the WW Options window’s colors can’t be customized.

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The Weather Watcher Options window should use the same colors as your IE Options window, or the Windows Display Properties window. The Windows Explorer window is a different type of window.

But it only uses one color, IE’s darker menu color, and it uses it everywhere.

Having the tabs a different color than the border and the active tab different than the inactive ones and the area around the options a different color and etc. would make the Options window more dynamic looking. Can’t you choose more than one of IE’s colors for the different components of the window?

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Hmmm… my IE window is one color.

The top and the bottom maybe but not the middle, the majority of the content display. Even a blank page, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\OOBE\BLANK.HTM, is grey.

Now if the Options page could tie into the Interface’s CSS options… [:)]

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CSS… now you’re talking. That would be possible.