Option To Minimize To Taskbar

Might I request an additional option to control how WW minimizes, either[list=1][]to the System Tray (as it does today), or
]to the Taskbar (like most other applications).[/list]See related support thread here

Thanks for your consideration.


Is this possible?

Almost anything is possible :cool:

I don’t see it being a popular feature because the system tray icon would no longer be visible – unless you weren’t thinking the icon should be removed when Weather Watcher was minimized to the Taskbar :-k

What are the advantages of displaying Weather Watcher in the Taskbar? How is it more helpful than the way it functions now?

In the technology world it’s been my experience that everything is possible, it’s more a question of when do you want it and how much are you willing to spend. :wink:

I think you hit the nail on the head :icon_smile:

Oh, are they somehow mutually exclusive?

I was thinking that a user would have the option of having WW in BOTH the System Tray AND the Taskbar … similar to the functioning of Winamp.

They could be.

What is the advantage of being able to access Weather Watcher in both places? If minimized to the Taskbar, I’m thinking Weather Watcher would be eating up more memory. I’d have to test that theory to confirm it though…

Just more consistent with other programs is all. I am used to seeing other programs that minimize to the System Tray making this behavior an option … rather than required.

I could see times, when I was referring to the main WW window frequently, that I would want it there in the Task Bar reminding me it’s open and I had something I needed to do related to it.

I’ll add it to my Weather Watcher to-do list and consider it for the next release if it doesn’t require a bunch of coding to add :icon_smile:

Thanks Mike … that was my only aim. Just polite feedback.
Overall I think WW is a fantastic little program!!! :thumbright:

When you minimize your antivirus where does it go? When you minimize your Date and Time settings where do they go? If you have a WiFi NIC where does it’s link status display go when you close it?

Just curious. :wink:

Antivirus works as I described, while I can launch it from the System Tray, it minimizes to the Taskbar.

Neither the time settings nor the WiFi setttings have a minimize option, only close.

When I minimize my Avast! av it goes back to the System Tray icon. As does tinySpell, Volume, Dell Quickset, Dell Support, etc. In that regards WW is consistent with other programs.

I’m not sure there is a defined standard for where a closed app is suppose to minimize to but it appears that those that require minimal user input mininize to the System tray while those that designed primarily for user interaction minimize to to the Taskbar, IE Word, IE Excel, OE, etc. And those that minimize to the Taskbar don’t have System Tray icons open.

Whether I click on a Taskbar item or a System Tray icon the associated window opens and is how I have WW configured to do the same. One click on the icon opens the WW forecast window, dbl click retrieves the current weather data.

I removed from the System Tray those programs I use in the above list, as I don’t click on them often enough to warrant allocating them the real estate they take up.

Agreed. But whereas the examples you listed above (Volume, QuickSet, etc) have little one would want to reference in their “main” window … WW has significant content available via its “main” window.

Not necessarily, some have both (as the Symantec anti-virus example I mentioned above).
Some give the option of how/where to minimize, Taskbar, System Tray, or both ?
Winamp and most IM clients for example.

For you, but ultimately this depends how the user has setup their options.
Not everyone is going to configure WW exactly as you do.

I’m not trying to start a pissing contest here. It’s not productive and can quickly get out of
control in a forum such as this (where voice and intent are easily mis-understood).
I merely was sharing my individual feedback for the sake of trying to make WW the best it can be.
As Mike already said, he’d add it to the TO-DO list. That was my only aim.
The preferred setting is subjective. But I think some would utilize having different minimize options
available to them. You’ve made clear you would not. And thus if implemented, you would simply select
‘Minimize To System Tray’, and WW would operate exactly as it does today.

Nor am I, I’m simply sharing my point of view and hopefully some ideas to make it easier for you to use WW without waiting for a programming change, that may never come.

As for consistency with other apps, since WW shows in the Task Manager’s Application’s tab like other apps that minimize to the Taskbar it should minimize to the Taskbar also. If it’s going to minimize to a less intrusive ( :icon_smile: ) System Tray icon like an AV then it shouldn’t be shown in the Task Manager’s Application tab any more than the AV is.

So we both want consistency, I want it to be like a high priority system app, you want it to be like a user app.

Mike, I think jph6t wants Close options similar to what PStart offers.


EdP, yes, that looks like the best solution. Thanks for the screenshot :icon_smile:

I think I’d also have to add a combo of the minmize to tray and Taskbar.

If you could set it up such that when the Tray (icon) option is chosen WW acts like a normal system task, ie in Task Manager it doesn’t show in the Applications tab, that would be perfect. At this point WW is the only System Tray icon that I have that has an entry there and it seems out of place.

PStart runs that way if you want to check it out. When the PStart’s panel (a window) opens there in an entry in the Task Manager’s Application tab, when PStart closes to an icon the Application tab entry is automatically removed.

Tasks in the Taskbar are minimized tasks, not closed tasks, so keeping their entry in the Applications tab as being open is normal.

Check out the build below. I added a similar dropdown at the bottom of the “General” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Download Weather Watcher 5.6.20d


Thanks Mike. :icon_smile:

I think “system tray” should be System Tray.

Selecting the Minimize to System Tray option and closing the WW forecast window still leaves WW showing in the Task Manager’s Application tab. :cry: