Opens Browser, WWM Stays Blank

I just downloaded, installed, and setup the latest WWM on my phone running Windows Mobile 6.1.

However, when I click on a tab (like “current”), WWM stays blank, my internet browser starts up, and my browser display the weather info.

Is that they way it is suppose to work?

Sorry, but I could simply start my browser directly, and have it open without needing WWM.

Walt, it sounds like your default web browser is taking ownership of Weather Watcher Mobile’s internal browser. The only known workaround for that problem is to set IE as your default web browser.

I had the same problem (and same question). No, that’s not how it’s supposed to work – the weather data is supposed to be displayed in the blank space under the row of tabs.

I fixed it on my phone (AT&T HTC Fuze) using a fairly small registry tweak that only changes the default browser in a very limited set of cases (clicking on a link in an email, for instance, still goes to Opera, in my case, not PIE). If you’re comfortable editing the registry, click here for a description of what I did.

I have a VZW HTC Touch Pro… close enough.

I’ll give it a try… Thanks! :thumbright: