Only current temp displayed, no icons, no forecast display

WWL 1.0.6 is only displaying the current temp. There are no icons and no forecast information, although if you place the cursor over the forecast area, data is displayed, but still no icons.

Which OS and web browser are you using?

PCLinuxOS 2009.2 KDE

KDE version: 3.5.10
System: Linux
Machine: i686
FF 3.5.1

Here’s more screen shots.

I checked through the code and found that some of the image paths were not in the correct case. That probably matters since Linux is case-sensitive.

Please try the following update and let me know if it resolves this issue:

That did correct the missing icons, however temps for forecast are still missing.

The forecast temps only appear in the tooltip when you mouse over the icons. You can also click any of the icons to view the forecast in more detail at

Thanks, You can close this post if you like.