Only 2 days' forecast.

For the last few days I am only getting the forecast for the current day and the next in the ‘Daily’ option.
Is it me or WW?

I know this was an issue with Weather Watcher Live, but I don’t think the Firefox extension was affected.

Well-I have rolled back to v 7.0.47 and still the same.
It was working OK till recently.
All I have now is yesterday’s and today’s.
FF 3.6.13

So, you’re using the Weather Watcher Live desktop application, and not the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension, correct? That’s what it sounds like, so I am going to move your thread to the Weather Watcher Live support forum. If that’s not the case, please let me know.

You can resolve this issue in Weather Watcher Live by updating to the newest version. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “Check for New Version”.

I have replaced with v. 7050 and I only have the forecast for today!

Please post a screenshot so I can check it out. If needed, go here for instructions on taking a screenshot.

Did you doublecheck the Weather Watcher Live About window to see if you’re actually running 7.0.50? Here’s what I see with 7.0.50 installed:

Apparently I was still on v47 despite installing 7050.
Uninstalled with Revo and now all OK with 7050.