Ok Finished Internet Explorer "skin" of sorts

Ok I am using a tablet computer mounted on the wall. it will slide show “pictures” as an electronic picture frame but if you touch it it closes the screensaver and a fullscreen IE (no toolbars etc… ie true 800x600) screen is loaded displaying my custom weather screen :slight_smile:

I have mine set to medeo consult at 45pixels by 45 pixels


just drop thos html files into your classic folder with the other wtp and html files

load webweather.htm in your browser set your screen to 800x600 and press F11 (set tool bar to auto hide) works in IE does not work in firefox (because of / \ thing) but IE is fine for this.

whst do you think ? I can not get a link to appear in the severe alert html. not sure why I think I know I think once it makes an alert it does not “remake” it hence why my change does not take effect. so I made the ICON in current conditions a link that “reloads” the maps ? why ? cause if you click more info in a severe alert it loads where the map displays.

you will off course have to modify the “map” links to be your appropiate maps if your not in the Northeast USA just modify all the mapandlinks*.htm files

Some things I would like to do if possible

1 how do I set Forcast to only show 5 days and not 10 ? (I dont want scroll bars and for this machines function 10 days is not needed)

5 days would fit on the screen perfectly without scroll bars !

anyone know of a good GIF editor ? I want to edit the medeo consult icons to include transparency to get rid of the white surrounding the animated icons if its possible.

let me know what you think !!

Remember set the icons to 45x45 and set screen size to 800x600 load in IE press f11 make sure tool bar auto hides you should get NO scroll bars except for the forcast pane and weather alerts if any.

when someone in the house touches the screen it will show this 5 minutes later it will revert to the picture slide show

perfect :slight_smile:

I have it set to auto refresh every 15 minutes same as weather watcher updates

Chris Taylor

Good work man, just a suggest:
Try to chage the font, jus a nicest font [;)]

To manage gif images I use Macromedia Fireworks, it works excelent for me.

I guess that is not possible to change the forecast, it is retrived directly from the weather channel.

If you like this little map that I’ve edited you could save the page, modify it, and include it if you want.