Observed & Downloaded Time not updated right away!

Hello Mike,

Not sure if this is a bug or what but in Weather Watcher Live when the weather is updated the tray tooltip will show the latest update time but when I open Weather Watcher Live interface it shows the older Observed & Downloaded Time for like a few seconds before updating to the current updated Observed & Downloaded Time.

You know what I mean? :shock:

Weather Watcher does not have this problem just Weather Watcher Live.

The Weather Watcher interface is pretty simple, so it doesn’t take as much processing time to refresh the data on the main window. Weather Watcher Live has a lot more going on behind the scenes, so it could take longer to refresh the information.

Could this be faster over time maybe?

It probably depends a lot on your processor speed since the main window is refreshed at the point it is opened. I suppose I could update the main window when it is not visible, but that would eat up more RAM. I guess it’s a tradeoff either way.