Now Window

Is there a way to get the now window to show all on the desktop?

To show all of what?

I mean when I stretch it out to show all it still cuts off the part of tonight. Just wondering if their was a way to make it work. A lager monitor would do it but should not have to buy one. Could make things smaller but then it may be hard to read. If their is really no way of doing it, I can live with the way it is.

I have large monitors, but I still keep my window at this size:

The “UPCOMING WEATHER” column on the left scrolls. You can click and drag it with your mouse. Or hover over it and use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

If you clicking “Settings” at the bottom, right of the main window, you’ll find some check boxes to hide some of the upcoming weather items. That will allow more data to fit, but it won’t all fit for most people.

That’s cool that you can scroll. Now I do not have to have it that big. That will work for me.