Notes will not "stick" to the desktop

Version: 3.0.7
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Two graphics cards with three screen monitor array.
Running DisplayFusion v. 5.0 from Binary Fortress as desktop manager

StickIt notes will disappear when using the “Stick to Desktop” command. The only way to have them reappear is to change the “display on top of all of other windows” twice.
I thought it could be DisplayFusion, so I closed it and run the normal Windows desktop. Same problem.
This is a great tool. Hope you can resolve this problem.

How are your monitors positioned? Any which is the primary monitor?

I am having the same problem on at least one computer in my office. The computer is running Windows 7. When I use the stick to desktop option, the notes disappear. The only way to get the notes to reappear that I have found is to exit the stickit program and restart it. I have tried running the program in Windows 7 compatibility mode. It doesn’t make a difference. This computer has only one monitor.