Notes disappeared

All of my sticky notes disappeared after simply turning my computer on this afternoon. I checked the archive, and there were no notes saved. Is there any other place I can check to find my old notes? There was very important information on a few of them… eek!

Thanks a lot,

Which version of StickIt are you using?

I’m using 3.0.6

Check out the following post:

Thanks for the reply!

However, there is no Documents and Settings/(username)/Application Data folder on my computer.

After I posted the problem initially, the stick-it notes came back 2 days later, but they have again disappeared.

Is there anywhere else I can check?!

Are you using Vista? If so, that location is:


Since the notes save within the logged in user’s Windows profile, it would be possible for the notes to seem like they are disappearing if you’re logging on as different Windows users. Also, the notes would not load if StickIt is failing to start up when Windows loads.