Notebook, WiFi start ups

It would be useful if WW would autoconnect when running on a notebook with a wireless connection when booting. It would also be great if it could do it when coming out of hibernation. :wink:

Even with the Pause for 30 seconds option on and all the Auto Update options on it doesn’t do it now.

I know, not a major thing, but it would be nice. :icon_smile: It might be as simple as adding an additional delay time, maybe 60 seconds, because the WiFi connection is not started until after the nb has booted.

This is what I see when I check my WW icon after opening the nb and using it for awhile.

My av comes out of hibernation automatically and updates when the WiFi connection is reestablished but not WW. And with the Tray Icon not italic it isn’t obvious that the temp is outdated.

If WW can’t Auto Update when coming out of hibernation having it at least change the icon’s font to italic would help.