Not updating

I’ve updated to 5.6.26 It does not automatically download weather updates. I have to open it and click update to get the temp to change. Never had this problem before. Any suggestions?

BTW, I hate the Beta from weather bug.

Thank you

When exactly are you expecting it to update?

Care to share the details?

It’s the temperature that does not update. I just did an manual update and the temp updated 10 degrees. I did the last update before that a few hours before. It used to update automatically. I tried the beta, didn’t like it, anything about it, uninstalled it and then updated the original program to the latest version and since that, the temp does not automatically change as before. I think I’ll try to uninstall that and re-install. I love the program, I have been using it for quite a few years.

What do you have WW’s Auto Update frequency set to?

I did the uninstall,reinstall thing and it is working now.

Is there any way to change the way the temp pops up to the center of the screen when you hover over the tray icon? I had to change the setting from used skinned tray tray tooltip window to keep it at the taskbar icon.

WW>Options>Tray Tooltip>Tray Tooltip Options>Use custom traytooltip window location> move the tooltip window to where you want it then be sure to click on the Option’s APPLY button.

I’ve tried that numerous times and it won’t work. Unless I’m doing it wrong. I’ll keep trying.

Well I closed the program and re-opened it and it worked. I guess that was the trick. Thank you so much.