Not resetting to Desktop upon WW Exit


I’ve installed this on my laptop and it works great. I installed on a Windows 8.1 tablet and it works great also but when I exit, it doesn’t reset my wallpaper when exiting out of Weather Watcher. Which causes me to go to Personalization and select my theme wallpaper again and again, delete the map that WW saved as my wallpaper.

I’ve triple checked my settings comparing my laptop to the tablet and they match - 100%. Help?

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

Thank you for replying. Version 7.2.56 - I had WW years ago and I loved it. I would click to start WW and within seconds, the map would appear on my screen. this version either takes forever or doesn’t load the map at all unless I go into the tray icon and Refresh Wallpaper.

So, you’re saying the wallpaper map image sometimes does not load when Weather Watcher starts AND it never resets the wallpaper when shutting down? Do either of those issues occur on your laptop?

On my laptop, it works great as it should. The Insignia Win 8.1 8-inch tablet does not reset back to wallpaper - and I have to reset my wallpaper every time.

Do you have the following setting checked?

Yes. Everything is identical from my PC to the tablet. I will install on another identical tablet and see if it’s the same issue.

I’ve updated the WW on 2 tablets - Insignia Win 8.1 - Still same issue. When exiting, the map stays as the desktop wallpaper.

And now a new issue. With the new update on WW 7.2.61, the map doesn’t load on startup. Nor can I get the map to load by other means except one and that map doesn’t automatically update.

Try installing the following Weather Watcher build over top of your current version:

Also, make sure you have the following check box checked to force the map to update on startup:

My apologies on the subject of the unloading map. I did install over the other one and I had made sure I had the appropriate map checked. Somehow, it became DEselected and I selected it again and it is working fine.

So the only issue is the 2 tablets. Where the map remains as wallpaper after exiting. Wondering if it might be the tablets themselves… since all the settings in WW are correct…Thoughts?

Did you try my new Weather Watcher build above? After installing it, manually reset the wallpaper in Windows before starting Weather Watcher. It should work from that point on.

I took your advice and the WW behaves perfectly in the tablet! Thank you! I have to wait till my hubby comes home to try it on his. Thank you very much! Have a great weekend and be safe.