Not My Station.

I’m in the free trial period with Weather Watcher Live (WWL7066)and have come up against a difficulty. For me the particular attraction with Weather Watcher Live is its ability to store my weather station data in a folder which can then be accessed by a third-party programme. To this end I have opened an account with Weather Underground and after the due waiting period my station is now available from within Weather Watcher Live. And so using the Add Station Button I have placed my station address in the weather station drop down list, however, instead of my station’s data being selected I find that a station approximately 3 miles to the south of me is having its data selected instead.

I had a look in FAQs and came across someone else having the same problem but the answer he was given was basically, cheer up it could be worse. I have reinstalled the software twice but to no avail, I’ve also changed my address details on Weather Underground to avoid what may have been a confusing similarity in addresses but again to no avail. Does anyone have an answer to my problem,


Jeff Cook.

The problem is that the Weather Underground data feed that I’m using pulls current conditions for other nearby weather stations, rather than pulling the data for the selected weather station. I’ve been working with them over the past couple of months to resolve this issue. I do have a fix and am in the process of testing it. I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

Please post links to those two weather stations so I can try them out with my fix.

Thanks Mike, I will do as you say.

Please give the build below a try. You can install it over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live install. This new build will display the weather for the selected Weather Underground weather station.

Excellent Mike, build 7069 has solved the problem and is now showing my own station details as well as anybody else’s that I care to call up :D/ . From first downloading Weather Watcher to raising a query and receiving a repair has taken no more than a week! Truly first-rate service, well done. :salute: