Norton blocks update attempts.

Hello, Just wondering if this is really a threat. I am using Norton 360 premier edition, windows 8.1 . When I try to update from WWL 7.1.140 to the latest version I get the following message from Norton:

[b]"Malicious Web Site Blocked…

You attempted to access:

This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site. "[/b]

Also see attached screenshot. Thanks for any input.

That link is safe. It’s a false-positive.

Thanks for posting the details. I’ll contact Norton and ask them to resolve this on their end.

Thank you for the quick reply. :icon_smile:

Here’s what Norton replied with:

Having reviewed the information provided we are unable to reproduce or confirm the issue described.

Please ensure that you are using Symantec’s latest virus definitions for detection. These can be found using live update or alternatively via the URL below. … nload.html

Thanks Mike,

I have determined through troubleshooting that this is allegedly a Firefox problem. I again ran Norton Live update to get the latest definitions and then proceeded to use the update link in Firefox. Same results as post above. I then went to the singers creations website on IE 11 and clicked the download link. I saved it with no problem and Norton found the file to be safe before I executed it. All is working fine now.

Sorry for wasting your time, hopefully this might help others if this issue pops up elsewhere.

Thanks for the great product! Cheers!

No problem. Thank you for letting me know about this issue.