No weather stations show in "Add Station"

I’ve been using WWL for at least a couple years and it is a fabulous program. This week I get a new Windows 10 computer and just downloaded the latest WWL to install on it. To my surprise, no stations are shown in the list box even after entering my registration key, restarting the computer, making sure the firewall is temporarily disabled, and other checks. I know it works on Win 10 because my old computer was running it just fine.

I didn’t see any other threads about this on the forum, so it must be a rare thing to occur. Any advice is appreciated.

Do you have the current version of Internet Explorer installed? It’s required to use Google Maps.

Thank you. I presume yes since it is a brand new computer. still experimenting here. Thanks for that reply.

I got it working. So that it might help someone else; in my particular case, I re-installed a 2nd time and it still did not work. However, when I right-clicked on the executable name and selected “run as administrator”, the program ran and the weather stations populate ok. Every time after that, I could run the program without needing to run as administrator and it still works. I’m not sure what that was the case, but it resolved my issue.