No weather station choices given

[b]I ran into a problem when first setting up options for the WWLive program. When asked to choose weather stations, I input my zip code 46036 (which is a small town). No stations came up at all in response to my input.

It seems to me that it should be that instead of nothing coming up, that if there are no stations close to the zip being input, that the nearest weather stations to that place (no matter what the distance) should come up as choices.

As it is, I had no stations at all to choose from and I don’t know what to do when no stations at all are given to choose from![/b]

Another glitch, when I went to close the program from the system tray, right click opened a totally blank window. When I released the mouse, the weather watcher bar in the main taskbar flashed, but nothing else at all happened. So I had to go close the program from task manager to shut it down.

I tried this several times, each time same thing happened.

I wanted to try WWL but when it turns up no stations at all (and I made several attempts at doing it before reporting the problem), I can’t even try the program.

So I guess for now, until those bugs are zapped, I will have to go back to regular weather watcher and be patient!

Still, when I was reading help files, skimming forum subjects, I didn’t see anybody else’s mention of these bugs so I thought I’d better tell you about their existence so you can exterminate them!

Spiritwolf, which version of Weather Watcher Live do you have?