No Updates

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

I have XP Pro and have been running Weather Watcher trouble free for over a year now. Seems that my updates stopped coming in on January 14th. Tried re-installing the program but now cannot even get a skin up and am unable to do any kind of update.

Did I do something wrong here? Any reason it stopped updating on the 14th?

Thanks for the help,

What happens when you click the “UPDATE” button on the main Weather Watcher window?

Hey Mike,

It does one of two things. It either hangs up and does absolutely nothing, just frozen on the dowloading data bar, or I will get the occasional error server not found.

It sounds like something is blocking Weather Watcher from accessing the Internet. Check out the following link:

Hey Mike,

You are correct. I disabled ZoneAlarm and I am able to get downloads again. The thing is that WeatherWatcher is completely approved and allowed for access, but it is not working when the firewall is up. Now, my laptop, which also has WeatherWatcher, everything works perfectly.

Do you have any insights or tips on how to get this to work again? I never changed anything, but all of a sudden, the program no longer works, nor is it even recognized as an operational or running program on ZoneAlarm.

I would truly appreciate any help you could offer.

Weather Watcher itself does not do the downloading of weather data - you’ll need to add dl.exe and GetFile.exe to your ZA as trusted apps as well (both applications can be found in your default Weather Watcher install folder, e.g. for me it is C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher

That should do the trick.

ed9277, try out johngalt’s suggestion. I think your find that ZoneAlarm is blocking dl.exe. I have never used ZoneAlarm, so I am not sure where you need to go to resolve that access issue.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Winter pneumonia is a killer.

Anyhoo, I located dl.exe, and though I tried to add it to my acceptable list of prorgams, the file will not appear in the accepted programs list.

Is this something I should bring up to the ZoneAlarm squad? It worked fine for the longest time and now nothing.

The ZoneAlarm squad may be a good source of help for your problem. Your inability to add programs to it is definitely the cause of your problem with WW.