No update

Downloaded and installed 5.6.20A on home PC using Win XP. Connected to internet via cable modem. Using ZoneAlarm firewall and have granted permission for WW.

Program installed ok (apparently). Added 33772 as code. Requested update. No response. No error messages/advisories.

Tried to add city. “Searching…” No further response.

Requested southeast US map. Received ok.

Requested “check for new version”. Received “You are using the latest version.”

No other data appears…no data updates in tray tooltip (requested data depicted as N/A); no data at all in weather watcher window.



Check ZA log for hits on DL.exe. Authorize it’s access to the 'net.

dh_fl, if EdP’s suggestion doesn’t work, then check out the following link for more suggested fixes: