No monthly rainfall in tooltip

I’m not seeing any monthly rainfall totals in the tooltip when I use my closest reporting station. It was accurate until about a year ago, and then the daily and monthly amounts became erratic. Just yesterday I noticed a (probably) correct daily amount, but the monthly total is N/A. The station is Southwestern University at 78626. Some other stations give monthly amounts for rainfall, so I assume the problem is with the station. Is there a way to check?

The best way to verify is to check at the source. If you click the icon below the barometer gauge on the main Weather Watcher Live window, you’re taken to the following link: … stat=SUGTN

You can see the rain is also “N/A” there. That at least tells you that the data in Weather Watcher Live is accurate.

The rain is collected by the weather station itself, so either the station is not reporting rainfall or it’s not collecting the data. It’s quite possible that the rain collector is clogged too. That happens to my weather station sometimes.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can locate someone at the school that operates the weather station. I know it’s in the science building.