No Internet Found

This is the error I get after I select my city and everything. I have a DSL connection and am running 5.5 version. Any help?

Check your Firewall and see if it’s blocking DL.exe. If so, allow it to access the 'net, then using WW refresh the forecast.


DL.EXE should be located at “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher”.

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I’m using W98 SE and AOL 8.0 and my firewall is shut down, DL.exe is in the correct location. I still get the error message internet not found. What’s wrong and what can I do? This is a new download of 5.5
after uninstalling the program.[8]

In the “Auto Update” section of the Weather Watcher Options, make sure “Only download updates when connected to the Internet” is unchecked.

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That cured it, but why should unchecking the restriction on downloading cause the pgm to not find the internet?[?]

edschwarzmann, it no doubt has something to do with the way your computer is configured. That feature works OK for me.