No information in Monthly window

Love the new Monthly information, but since updating to the last version the Monthly window is blank. When I press update nothing happens. It also only shows August in the top section - it should show the last few days of July. The Local window works fine by the way.
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Did you uninstall before updating or install over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation?

Mine is the same Mike. Also running W7. The monthly screen pops up, choose August and it has no data in it at all. I installed my update and all updates over the top. Everything else works fine. Didn’t know this new feature until reading this post and gave it a try.

Please email the following file to me at

C:\Users[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\wwl.mdb


C:\Documents and Settings[Windows Username]\Application Data\WeatherWatcherLive\wwl.mdb

Here’s a screen shot of what I see and I just emailed you the file you wanted.

The file is on its way Mike. I also installed over the top.

Manymosi, I found an issue that was causing old months not to display. I just posted a new version of Weather Watcher Live at Download the new installer and install it over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation.

downloaded and installed new version. Still don’t see anything in the monthly window. Could it be that it will take a few days to start seeing the previous days data or should it show up instantly??

I use three different weather stations. I’m guessing WW uses a seperate history for each station. I’ve got two stations showing a complete history. But the other one still shows nothing.

The Oakland County Airport and the Pontiac Airport stations in Pontiac Michigan show a complete history(it also shows high and lows for the next few days - obviously this must be the forecasted info?)
The Drayton Plains window still shows nothing.

How long to i have to use a particular station before it will start to show a history?

Chunker, I emailed you.

Manymosi, data is only logged while a station is selected. When you switch your station, data for the previous station will no longer be logged. After switching to a new station, data will start to log after about one minute.

You are correct – the days in the future are coming from the daily forecast.

I have been using the Pontiac Airport station for the last hour or so. It still shows no information - not even the grid lines. Could this be a station problem?

Manymosi, please email me your updated “wwl.mdb” file.

Sorry for the delay - I was at work. I just sent you the file.

Manymosi, the Pontiac Airport weather station was not logging data because the latitude was too long to fit into the database i[/i]. I fixed that issue in Weather Watcher Live and created a new build. You can download the build from the following link:

Chunker, please give this build a try too.

I’m thinking that build might have taken care of it for me Mike, but I’m not sure? I now see some info in the monthly view, today and then a few future forecast days. Guess I’m assuming that it just started with this build and tomorrow will show the previous day, current day and future days. Each day from now on would show more and more days in the past back to when it started? Here’s a screenshot of what I see now.

Yes, that’s how it should work.

Thank you, it seems it is now fixed. Now I have one other issue I think would enhance what I’m seeing. In the past and now I can open under maps my temperature and radar views. Both of those open in wwl windows and once I maximize the view they stay that way the next time I open them. I notice that on two of my new views, they don’t open maximized for me. That would be the monthly and local views. Those I manually maximize after opening. After closing them, and the next time I open them again, they don’t open maximized. The same thing happens with sizing. If I size the the monthly and local views, they don’t keep the size I’ve made them. Is there a way to have these views work the same as my map views? Maybe I’m off the beaten path with this one, but it would be nice.

I see where I have the open to remember size of each viewed map window viewed checked. Might be have the new local and monthly view included in this or an option for the same thing concerning them.

Sorry but I’m screwing up my spelling and grammar with being up all night with a very sore back!!! :icon_smile:

These two windows save the last set size when they are closed. When reopening them, they should load at the last used size. This only applies if you drag the bottom, right corner of the window to resize it. Maximizing a window does not change its size.