no icon on screen


I installed the 1.0.8 version on HTC 3450 (WM6)

All is OK but, no icon appears on any tab.

Thanks for help.

In PIE, is “Show Pictures” checked in “Menu” --> “Tools”? It should be selected by default.

This option is checked.

Are you using any PIE-related add-ons?

I am not sure I understand what you mean by PIE “Add-on”.

I use Prssreader, it’s the only one I see as PIE add-on…

“PIE” means Pocket Internet Explorer. Sometimes problems like this are caused by conflicting PIE add-ons. It doesn’t sound like that is the case for you though.

Do you ever have trouble when viewing images in PIE while surfing the Internet?

No problem with images in PIE.

same problem, any suggestion with the zip file ?

dodo87, I did not receive it. Please try to send it again or post a link here.

sent :icon_smile:
over quota :sad:
The file :

dod87, you can resolve your problem by deleting the “Thumbs.db” file from the following folders:

\Ma mémoire\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons\Yahoo STANDARD
\Ma mémoire\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons\Yahoo Standard_qvga

Same problem and this icons was add after and the problem existed before.
But i can see the picture “map”.

dodo87, please post an updated RAR of your files.

The file : … atcher.rar updated

all the files thumbs.db are not in pdaphone directorys. they are add by 7-zip i suppose.

dodo87, the image paths look valid now. Here’s an example of how they are displaying in the generated HTML files:

<IMG SRC="\Ma mémoire\Program Files\Weather Watcher/Skins/Icons/Yahoo STANDARD/31.png" WIDTH=31>

Do you see the images if you open the following file directly?

\Ma mémoire\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecasts\Splendid\FRXX0119\Hourly.html

If you cannot see the images, then the best thing to do would be to try figuring out what’s wrong with the image paths in that HTML file. Either the path is not pointing to the images or the images don’t exist in the location where the path is pointing.

No, i can’t see the images

I installed de 1.0.9 version and i have the same problem.

After some work i detect that on the html files we have tag like this:

instead of:

(the last 3 slah are wrong)
I change the slash but after one update the problem continues.

How we can solve this situation?

bugasoft, did the images appear after you changed the slashes?


Yes after the changes the images appear correctly.

But, when i click on the update the html files are changed with new ones and the problem become.

So the solution isn’t to change the html files …

bugasoft, yes, manually altering the HTML is not a solution. It seems altering the files through code is the solution though. I’ll check it out and get back to you.