No forecast received

For the last two days no forecast data has been downloaded. The program just reports NA in the fields. Maps are received OK. Using latest version 5.0.24b …

I am repeatingly getting, I have the software on my home and work systems, errors and it appears that alot of the time and becoming for frequent (I would say almost 50% of the time lately)

I am getting:
An error has occurred!
Try the following:

  1. Check that you are connected to the Internet.
    (Obviously I am on the internet, I am posting messages)

  2. If you’re connected to the Internet, try updating this
    forecast again.
    (Did that couple times)

  3. Check that you have the latest version of Weather
    Watcher. Either use the “Check for new program
    updates” feature in the Weather Watcher system
    tray drop-down menu -OR- check at
    (I had 5.0.24b ungraded to 5.1 to try that, but same thing happens)

  4. Check that this forecast exists at
    (79?F Fair Feels Like 78?F )

  5. Visit the Singer’s Creations Forum for more suggestions.
    (Thats what I am doing!)

Hey Mike, any suggestions whats going on?

Too add to this problem.

Several of the times I have done the manual update with 5.1 I am getting blank screens, no errors, no results. I view the source and I have the standard screen that IE will give me if there is not data returned.

I need to do the manual updates since the automatic updates do not appear to be working at all now…

Just Info.

Please use v5.0.24b since the beta is still a bit buggy. I’ll be releasing version 5.0.25 soon… it’ll have some of the new beta features in it.

I recommend installing v5.0.24b like this if you already have the beta installed:

  1. Make sure Weather Watcher is NOT running.
  2. Delete the “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher” folder.
  3. Download a new setup from:
  4. Install the setup.

I did al of the above but it did not help!

On my PC i was stuck at friday with all data in hourly forecast, now all i get is “cannot display page”

What’s wrong? [:(] [?]


Hi and greetings from The Netherlands (Holland)

Frans, I think you have unchecked few options in Weather Watcher.

In the “options” menu, go to “On Download” and verify that all the 4 boxes under “On Forecast Updates” are checked.

Hope it helps.


Also, under “Auto Update” – uncheck “Only download when connected to internet”[^]

Rob Rothe

Make sure you’re at least using Weather Watcher v5.0.26 (or v5.0.26a). You can download an update from here:

When you download the above install, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure Weather Watcher is NOT running.
  2. Delete the “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher” folder.
  3. Install the above setup.