no connection possible with weatherwatcher

I just downloaded the newest version of weather watcher and even downloaded the latest updates. My problem is that WW isn’t able to make connection with the internet. I tried it a couple of times. If I want to look up a map for example I see that it is trying to find an existing file on the internet, but on the WW browser it wont find it. I don’t know why because everything else on internet is working. And I even cannot find any cities to add on my list. I wanted to look up new york or atlanta, or some other mayor city but it is unable to find any. It does tell me that it is searching but it will come up with the message that it didn’t find any cities.

My system is windows XP, and I’m using a dail-up connection. I’m using Internet Explorer.

I hope that anyone is able to help me with solving this problem.

by the way it also says:

ERROR SERVER NOT FOUND , how can i solve this?

please help

thank you

I do not have a firewall

Do you have a firewall?

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