No condition-icon in tray

I’m using WWL
Untill yesterday the icons temperature and condition appeared in the tray.
Suddenly the icon condition has disappeared.
Now I see a blue icon whith a grey questionmark. When I move the cursor over this icon I can read ‘N/A’.

Which weather station are you currently using?

Zuid-Nederland, Netherlands (Beek)

I was not able to find that station in the Weather Watcher Live station search. What exactly did you search for to locate that station?

I live in Maastricht in he Netherlands.

When you enter ‘Maastricht’ you find the location ‘Maastricht, Netherlands’.
Select this location.
Now you find ‘Beek’ as nearest station.
Beek is an airport. The official name is ‘Maastricht Aachen Airport’.

I’m seeing the same problem.

Station: Danvers, MA (Beverly Municipal Airport)

10:15 AM EDT 6/4/08

WWL shows question mark icon, and “Condition: N/A” in tooltip

WW 5.6.30 correctly shows rain icon and “Condition: Rain”.

Many (but not all) of my local area stations are having the same problem in WWL.

The following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve this issue:

Sorry, this did not fix the problem.

Same station as before:

WW = Fog icon and “Condition: Fog”
WWL 52 = Question mark icon and “Condition: N/A”

6/5/08 10:36 AM EDT

Also get same error with stations:

Danvers, MA (Highlands ES)
Byfield, MA (The Governor’s Academy)

(The above are Weather Bug stations, so I can’t compare them in WW.)

This station works correctly, so all stations are not affected:
Boston, MA (American Meteorological Society)

Hi Mike,

Contrary to Seth WWL fixed my problem.
I see a correct condition-icon in the tray.