No cities???

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I have disabled my software firewall and the Windows XP firewall is off. Does this mean that I need to set up port redirection on my router before it will work?
Good grief, no!

It’s usually quite a simple and straight forward process with the only hang up getting to the 'net usually being firewalls stopping DL.EXE from getting out. And to be perfectly honest I’m not 100% certain that DL.EXE is used to retrieve the City codes. It is used for the forecasts and wallpaper updates.

Hopefully you’re not leaving your system exposed other than during brief WW tests with those firewalls down.


FatOldSun, in another topic, EdP had mentioned that the XML data coming in from is from a webpage like this:*&dayf=5&dayd=5

That would come in just like any other webpage on port 80.

– PatrickB

I got it working on my work PC, which has the same setup as my home network, so I knew it wasn’t a network problem. I then had a hunch about something - I’d installed the ZoneAlarm trial recently and it has just run out, so I enabled the Windows Firewall until I got it sorted out. But disabling the Windows Firewall didn’t help. So I downloaded the free version of ZoneAlarm, installed it, and got it running. I tried searching for Aylesbury again, and it found it straight away - after allowing DL.exe to access the internet.

I work in IT, and I remember coming across a similar problem a while back with ZoneAlarm, it seems to block certain things from working when it’s installed but not running. Bizarre! This may be a reason why some other users are having problems, I’d suggest if they have ZoneAlarm installed that it’s either switched on, or completely uninstalled.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the followup FatOldSun. Good to know. [:)]

It’s possible ZA, once it expires, stops being updated, thus a new pgm such as dl.exe is blocked with no way to unblock it since the trial has expired.

I use ZA on all my machines also but I’ve always used the free version since I’m behind a router.


The revised Active City Add buttons look promising in Beta 4. They should reduce the confusion some have had with them. [:)]

A thought, would the Add City button look more appropiate under the Remove City button rather than the Add Code one? [;)]