No 10ths in Celsius Temperatures

I’m using WW 6.0.35.

Using Celsius degrees in WW, and since they are rather large units, I want to display tenths of a degree in the pop-up window. I have the option for tenths set in Advanced>Conversion but it will not display tenths. I know this worked in previous versions. Any suggestions?

I just enabled Celsius (using the both option) and in tool tips I don’t see tenths digits either. IOW, confirmed.

Confirmed but no joy. I’m using the Firefox extension which does tenths and I have older versions of WWL which do tenths also. So I guess I have to content myself with that. Many of the newer versions didn’t have anything useful for me anyway.

Gill Bates, I believe this worked as-is since Weather Watcher Live was first released. I made a note of it and will take care of it soon.

Here’s a fix: