Next Map Please!

I have been a dedicated Weather Watcher for quite some time now, and I would like to request a feature to improve the Weather Watcher Map Manager. Under Map Options, I have selected to View maps in the default web browser. When the map window opens, I would really like to be able to cycle through each of the maps in my map history without having to close the window and open the next map in a new window. I don?t mean to open each map in an additional window, just view them sequentially in the original window. Of course I don?t have to use the default web browser, I should be able to see the maps in the Weather Watcher Map Viewer window, and still be able to cycle through them in the same way. It seems to me like a simple ?next? option, or ?forward? and ?back? arrow, on the web browser (or Map Viewer) menu bar would do the trick nicely. Is this as simple to implement as it sounds or not?

I agree with Chris…I’ve always thought this would really be nice…maybe just adding the “maps” dropdown menu to the map window??
Great idea…
Randy in Taiwan

This idea would work as long as your not viewing the maps in your default web browser. It wouldn’t be possible to add a next button in the default web browser, since it’s its own application.

The idea that I have in the works basically adds more functionality to the Weather Watcher map view window. You’ll be able to access all of the maps, the maps history, perhaps a next button, etc.

sounds great Mike…exactly what I was thinking…go for it!

There are specific maps in a personalized Category and it would be excellent to be able to toggle through the list with a next button, a mouse double-click or a spacebar tap.

In addition, it would be nice for the map window to automatically resize itself to the original map image instead of the need to size each map window; the remember size option is on.

A suggestion to be able to highlight maps in the manager with the control or shift key in order to select multiple maps. There are many default or stock maps that will not be used and it would be advantageous to select multiple maps and remove them all at once.