Newbie WW Firefox extension questions

Using Firefox 3.5 under WinXP (sp3) Home – I do NOT have WW Desktop installed.

Is it possible to

  1. change the skin/appearance of the statusbar popups? Right now they’re a quite terrible chartreuse…
  2. animate the radar on popup?

Also, if you can please anticipate any questions I’m likely to have soon after hitting “submit” that would be quite helpful.


No. I’ll add that option in an upcoming release.

The default map image cannot be animated without clicking it. You could find another image on the Internet that is animated and replace the default map (like the example below).

To change the map, right-click the Weather Watcher Live toolbar and choose Change Map…. If you want to revert back to the default map, then remove the custom URL from the same menu item.

Well, I too have had the same configurations and I was really disappointed to see that we weren’t able to alter the skin/appearance of the status bar popups. Anyway, I am glad to see that option is available now on the latest Weather Watcher. Another interesting option you might want to try is changing the map in the Analytics For Facebook which is explained very well by Mike here. I change my map every once in a while!