New WW Proxy Settings

I’ve noticed that the new version of WW 5.6.48 appears to require explicit entry of proxy settings instead of following IE as a default. After I upgraded from 5.6.45 WW wouldn’t update. Filling in the settings (exactly as they appeared in IE) fixed the problem. Is this intentional, or is there something I missed in the setup configuration? Many programs have a check box to follow IE, but I don’t see it here. I travel and use my PC in multiple environments with different proxy’s. Having to change the settings in 2 places each time I switch networks, will be a bit of a pain.


That change was intentional, but I didn’t mean for it to become a new barrier. When the Weather Watcher proxy settings are blank, I’ll see if I can pull them from the Internet Explorer settings. If that works out, I’ll add a checkbox to always use the current Internet Explorer proxy settings.

The Weather Watcher build below contains a new “Auto-detect proxy settings for this network” box in the proxy settings. This addition should help you get around your multiple proxy issue.

Works like a champ. Thank you very much for the ultra quick response and fix!

Here’s a new Weather Watcher build with some more proxy tweaks:

I couldn’t agree more. The recent versions of Weather Watcher all have this problem and it appeared to me a little bit of a menace. Anyway, glad to see Mike himself sorting out the way through the link. Now I can update Weather Watcher to the more recent ones without having to tackle all that proxy settings of Facebook Analytics . Anyway, I’ve heard that a new weather watcher build is out now with much improved proxy tweaks and bug fixes. Looking forward to see the version of it!

The folder link was removed. Do you still have alternatives?I just want a copy of it.


naphayes00, I don’t. The current version of Weather Watcher Live also includes the above changes. If interested, you can download it from