New Weather Watcher Downloader

I took another stab at building a smaller Weather Watcher data downloader that will hopefully bypass a lot of the “Server not found” issues. This downloader works well for me. I haven’t tested it with a proxy server, so I’m wondering if it’ll work in that case too.

Download New Weather Watcher Data Downloader

Any proxy server users care to test it and post feedback? :icon_smile:

Note: The above setup will install an updated DL.EXE in your Weather Watcher program folder.

It’s working with XP and IE 6 ok.

It’s working great with Vista Ultimate (IE7)… It’s actually much faster now than it had been. Thanks M.

New Weather D/L Updater

I don’t know what is different in this D/L’er from the one included in the latest install, but this one resolved the issue I was having, with Retrieving Updates on my Vista Laptop. Prior to trying this release of the D/L’er I would have to click on update in the program window numerous times, or from the context menu from the tray icon, often even having to shut WW down and restart to get the D/L’er to generate new info. But now it’s slicker than it’s been in a while! Pays to look at FAQ’s in forums…
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Same EdP :icon_smile: (IE6 & XP SP2)

Fast and good (without proxy !)

No joy here. I’m behind a proxy requiring authentcation. Even when I enter my ID and pw in ww’s proxy conifguration, I only get “server not found.” Just tried it again before & after adding this d/l to ww 5.6.22.

It worked “out of the box” (i.e., by simply installing and setting the proxy entry in ww’s options) when I first tried ww. However last week, I had to reimage my PC, and now ww doesn’t work. Mabe this is a clue. WW is not using IE’s proxy settings, but some other s/w or configuration can make WW use IE’s proxy settings.


wslb, you should definitely check out the suggestions at the following link:

Just out of curiosity, is this incorporated into the latest build (5.6.23)?


OK, thanks.