New weather watcher does not work for me

There are so many errors in this weatherwatcher live I am wishing I had the old one back. If I try to update in the evening of one day it automatically switches to the next day…even though it is only dinner hour.It never says how much rain was received in any period…they all say 0. At this particular time it is 8 pm…but my daily is already showing Friday and this is Thursday. In the tray it says the temperature is 17C but in the main window for the hour it says 13C. Please help…thankyou

Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

The old one, as in Weather Watcher? Weather Watcher Live is not an upgrade from Weather Watcher. If you want to install Weather Watcher, it’s still available in the “FREE SOFTWARE” section at

Where exactly are you looking to see that it switched to the next day?

Are you using a weather station outside of the US? It seems that most weather stations outside of the US are not recording the rain data.

Which day is displaying first at

The tray temperature is a recorded value. The Hourly forecast is a forecasted value. The recorded and forecasted values will not always match – although they should be close.

There is currently an issue with the WeatherBug data feed that is causing the hourly forecast to be cached too long. That is causing outdated hourly data to display in the Weather Watcher Live Hourly forecast. WeatherBug is currently working to resolve this issue – their fix should be out tomorrow.