new version won't work on all of my PCs

I just updated to the new version, have a license purchased last April. Prior to this update, the app worked on all four of my Win10 PCs.
Now it will only work on one PC!!! After installation, the temperature shows NA on the other three.


thank you

The previous Weather Watcher installer is available here.

Can you share a screenshot of the main Weather Watcher window so I can see what you’re describing?

What happens when you click “Refresh” at the top, left of the main Weather Watcher window?

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two of the three PCs with the problem now display the temperature in the tool bar and are now fully functional.
One still displays NA instead of the temp on the toolbar and the app will not open.

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For the PC still displaying NA, that’s more likely being caused by one of the following:

  • The selected weather station is not reporting data. That’s the case if switching to another weather station resolves the issue.

  • A security related application (e.g. a 3rd party virus scanner) is blocking Internet access to Weather Watcher. That can sometimes happen after installing a new version of Weather Watcher.

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All of my PCs have the same anti malware app, Avast premium security with the same settings and are all networked vi my hardwired network.
I did a full uninstall of Weather Watcher using my Revo uninstaller and then reinstalled it ant now it’s working just fine. I was able to easily reconnect to our local weather station .

Thanks for the input and suggestions received here and via email.