New version won't update

Sorry Mike
The new version (WWL0077) doesn’t work at all for me! It updates but all the forecast fields remain NA.
No problem: I have gone back to WWL0076 which works perfect for me.
All the best

Did you try to restart Weather Watcher Live at that point? Did you try switching to another location to see if it was an issue with a specific weather station?

OK I resetup latest version & got same problem.
Yes I tried to restart the program: no success!
I changed location & a few work, but most of the French ones don’t.
When I installed 7066 over 7077 everything was back to normal

For me, the new version 7.0.77 works and update perfectly. The station is Geneva Airport (Switzerland) Weather Underground. Windows 7 sp1 32 bits, IE 9.

Xtrafred, there is an issue that needs to be resolved in the data feed from Weather Underground. I contacted them about the problem and I’ll let you know when they fix it. In the meantime, keep using version 7.0.66. That version is still working because it’s getting the weather data from an older data feed.

Thank you! That’s what I’m doing :icon_smile:

Xtrafred, that issue has been resolved in the data feed. The weather is now properly updating in version 7.0.77.

Yes thank you: WWL 7077 seems to be working perfectly :cheers:

I’m running into this same issue with the Weather Underground stations in the Denver, Colorado area. I’ve tried the first 5 Weather Underground stations all with the same problem. If I switch to a WeatherBug station, the updates come through just fine.

I am having the same problem with version 7.0.77, it will not automatically update upon loading despite that the settings are set to update as soon as i have internet connection.
everytime I start my PC and WW loads to the systray I see the “N/A” and I have to update it manually.
You say the problem was fixed for this version but I keep having the same issue and I have not received any update fix for this.
Everything was wotrking fine up till the previous version.
I need a solution for this

This seems to be a different issue. The issue from above was related to an error in Weather Underground’s weather data feed. That issue has been resolved, and still is as far as I know.

This will happen if your computer does not have an Internet connection before Weather Watcher Live attempts to retrieve the weather. Try enabling the “Pause 30 seconds before retrieving forecasts…” checkbox in the “General” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. That should give your computer enough time to establish an Internet connection.