new version wishes

things id like to see in further versions, even though this latest version is great i look forward to further development as it can function as the simplest ever network notes app…thanks for all your programs as weather watcher is my favorite weather program ever…

  • run in the tray so its out of the way but running…with easy rightclick for a note or doubleright click for network note
  • way to change the sound when networks notes popup
  • some type of alarm/reminder option per note
  • ‘active’ web address and emails as in how all IM apps handle them, so network users can just click on links
  • have an option to adjust new note stacking order, whether side by side or so forth
  • ‘quick reply’ network note option, so original note creator can get a quick yes/no/etc response from receiever via same note (even if its a little checkmark in the sent note, and when they read, accomplish, etc that ntoe they can just quickly change the color of the checkmark to let the sender know it was rad/done/etc)
  • a paid version so the interface can be even smaller
  • this program, notesholder, i find myself using for notes so ill now use both yours and compare…