New version does not allow copy & paste?

Previous versions of Weather Watcher have allowed me to copy and paste the weather information. It seems that is not possible with the latest version. It would be useful to allow copy and paste, along with permitting weather for two or more cities to be open at the same time and/or allow saving the current weather data. Perhaps I’m missing something, but none of this seems to be possible at this time. I will soon be traveling from South Carolina to Toledo and back, and would like to be able to simultaneously view weather for both locations. The only way I can do this now is by a screen shot, which is a nuisance.


In order to resolve some interface related issues, the highlight/select feature has been disabled. You can undo that change by removing the following link from the WTP files in C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecasts\Splendid:

document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false");

Would it be helpful to be able to right-click the main Weather Watcher window and choose a menu item that exported all of the current weather information to a TXT/HTML file?

If you don’t feel comfortable modifying a WTP file you could use a different skin. The Stone Soup skin supports Copy & Paste. So too the Splendid mini skin.

As for two cities simultaneously, if you copy the WW.exe and rename it to a different name you can run two copies of WW. However they will resync to each other at the next update (even if you copied the whole folder they will share a common part of the Registry). But until then… :icon_smile:

As for new Right click options how about Print and Print Preview?

What about them?

Print / Print Preview would be wonderful.

Example - We just received a ‘wintry weather advisory’ for the area (considering we’ve had temps in the 80s for a solid week, that is a very much needed advisory, as folks are gonna get cold-shocked in a matter of 24 hours) but when I clicked on the balloon-tip that a new alert had been received, the alert box popped up - but I had no way of printing that alert. That was rather frustrating.

The ability to print any part of the forecast / alerts / advisory would be great - and even better would be if we could print directly from the main skinned screen - i.e. if I am using Ed’s Tronnix skin, and I hit (or select from context menu) print then my printer prints exactly what I was viewing.

Then, extending this to all functionality of the app would rock - as in being able to print the current wallpaper, or print a current map (I supposed this would probably be handled by using default browser to view map, but still)…

I am not sure if this is what Ed had in mind, but it is rather ironic this thread comes up and I find it 5 minutes after trying in vain to print a that wintry weather advisory.

This might have been what EdP was talking about. The current print functions are the IE print functions.

Actually I’m not sure what I was referring to. :???: I thought I saw that Right clicking on the forecast windows had the Print & Print Preview options greyed out. But when doing that on my nb just now the options are available. :-s

However the nb is using IE 6 and WW 5.6.24a while the desktop, where I thought I saw the problem, is running IE 7 and WW 5.6.24s so maybe the problem is tied to that config.

I don’t think the Print/Print Preview options are tied to the Interface skin so much as being tied to the Forecast skin.

WW Map windows have a Print tab but not a Print Preview tab. Adding similar tabs to the Alert windows would be consistent with the WW design. Or you could have the Right click menu options, which at this point are not active for Map windows, on the nb.

hmmm, well, on 5.6.24a using your Tronnix skin, my P/PP option is grayed out.

P & PP are both available options regardless of which Tronnix Interface skin I use. They are also available for Splendid, Stone Soup and Mini Splendid Forecast skins. All of this with WW 5.6.24a, IE6 and XP SP2.