New Version 7.1.82‏

I’m running Windows 7, IE10. I just downloaded the latest version, and there are various problems with the display, under the now tab.

  1. The map is 2 to 3 times larger
  2. The bar graph is overlapping info on the left side of the screen
  3. There is no alert bar being shown
  4. There is no weather station being shown

Under the hourly tab, it displays the red weather alert bar, and it also displays the weather station. In other words, nothing has changed under the hourly tab, but everything seems out of sync under the now tab. Your assistance would be appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot so I can see what you’re describing?

In the meantime, below is a new Weather Watcher Live update that fixes #2 – and hopefully #3 and #4 for you too assuming they are related. If you resize the main window (click and drag the bottom, right corner), you can resize the map image. It’ll stretch to fill the available empty space.

What happens if you resize that window to about half its width?

It still looks the same after it’s refreshed.

Also, the screenshot is after I downloaded the newest version you sent me.