New User

As a new user having seen the program recommended in the LangaList I thought I would give you some feedback.
I intially downloaded the 5.6 Beta 7 Full Setup and ran the install (XP SP2 by the way). All went well but I could not set the Active City because the TAB for it was completely empty i.e. no text or options. Browsed the forums and it mentioned about Server not found, but I had not got that far. Changed all settings as stated in the forum and checked the web site access, but stll no text in the Active City tab.
So I unistalled the Beta and downloaded and installed 5.5e Full Setup and immediately the option to set the city popped up, typed in my city and away I went. Working perfectly.
Is it just me or is part of the resource file for the Active City tab missing in the Beta.
Nice program, not complaining, just thought you ought to know.


water01, I’ll have to fix the Options tabs. Check back later tonight (EST) for a repacked 5.6 Beta 7 setup.

Mike, thanks. Glad to be of help.

Mike - intalled repackaged Beta, TABs now work fine and I am up and running.