new skins

So, being the anti-Skinning type of guy, I have to ask:

When are we going to see some new skins? I know I was all like “Skins slow software down” and everything before, but now that they’re inevitably part of the software, we might as well bring 'em on!

I will need help for the language add-on, but I’m not quite at that point yet. I’ll post a message in the news section of my home page when I need help.

There is now way to change the skins directory. It’s hard-coded in the code.

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
I'm working on it... there are only so many hours in the day :) I'm torn between working on new features, working on the skins, and working on a language add-on.

About that translation, I could translate into Romanian. I am from Romania and I really like your prog, it helped me stay warm when not knowing what to wear. Though I don’t know how much free time I have at the moment because I’m entering my exams period.

Great Prog.

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Claudiu – I won’t be able to translate the interface until I add that feature… it’s on my list of things to be added. It would be possible to translate the interface as it is now, but I’d have to translate it all over again everytime I release a new version. My plan is to create a process that will do the translation automatically.

Wayno - Weather Watcher 5.6 will be fully skinnable (just the main interface and the status window that pops up when retrieving the weather). The other windows will have a standard Windows look (Options, City Search, Map Editor, etc.).