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New phpBB 3.0 available


there is a new version of PhpBB 3.0 available.
If you have time you should update this forum to this version :wink:

The board has finally been updated to the latest version of phpBB. Please let me know if you find anything that is not working properly.

Nope - everything seems ot be working fine.

I’d like to make a request, though, to ahve a skin that is variable width - my monitors are both 21.6 widescreens, and this looks kinda dinky on either of them :stuck_out_tongue:

(BTW, it’s just a request - I won’t be hurt if you say no).

johngalt, what do you think would be an ideal width? It’s currently set to about 840. If it’s too wide, I think it’ll be hard to read – or maybe just for me?

I’m not johngalt but please at least place the forum in the middle of the page, otherwise it clings to the left side of a browser and is very uncomfortable to look at.

redhotpaprika, it should be centered now. I had an old version of Opera and it was centered for me :neutral:

Thank you very much :thumbright:
Well, Opera is a wonderful browser but it has its issues… the latest version is very good by the way.

johngalt, I set the forum width to 80% of the screen. Look better?