New permissions

1.0.16 now asks for permission to access your data on all websites.
What is it collecting and who is getting that info.?



Oh, Good! Nothing to worry about then. :roll:

Those permissions are not new. Chrome recently made a lot of changes to their extensions – which I think includes the way they are presenting extension permissions. My extension does not access your data, collect it, etc. Chrome is simply saying it apparently has permission to do such things.

Here’s a related article: … ll-my-data

I’ll look into this and see if I can modify my extension permissions to get rid of that message. It’s certainly not helpful and will just confuse people.

“While an extension might not gun for all your data, it’s certainly possible to grab specific information, like a password,”

Well doesn’t that just give you a warm all over feeling? :shock:

Thanks for the info. Mike.

They are just stating the obvious there – which is not so obvious to most people I guess. The programs you’re running on your computer can access much more information than any Chrome extension. Nobody really seems concerned about that though. Perhaps because Windows isn’t throwing up a big red flag when you run a new application.

I think adding this new notification was a poor decision on Chrome’s part. It would have made more sense for them to scan the extension code to confirm that it actually does the things it suggests. Or say nothing at all.

I’m Not using Windows for the very reason you state.

I just released a new version (1.0.17) to resolve this issue. The new version has modified permissions that correctly identify which websites my extension can access – which is to retrieve its data. Hopefully this will clear up this confusion.