New Netscape

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“the success of the new idea all comes down to the accuracy of Netscape’s website rating system.”

A common misconception that people get when they read about the new browser is that “Netscape” the company/website will control what the browser does or is limited to do. 1) Netscape the company, no longer exists. Time Warner / AOL owns Netscape. 2) Netscape’s website isn’t what automatically rates the websites a user visits. The user of the Netscape browser controls which sites are classified as trusted or restricted.

The initial distribution of the software contains a default list of websites that are classified as being trusted and to use the IE engine when accessing. There are about 2 dozen sites so classified, including This list can either be added to or defaulted entries deleted, by the user of the browser. No big brother involved.

Another misconception is that the new browser will replace the current version of Netscape. That is not the case either. In fact they can both run on the same system. The reason why many will elect to do exactly that is the current version of Netscape, 7.2, contains an email client which most people who use Netscape 7.2 use and the new version does not. The new version is only a browser. And AOL has no plans to ever include an email client in it.

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